Saturday, October 17, 2009


I just feel the need to write tonight about how truly blessed I am. I guess maybe after spending the afternoon with a wonderful couple who was passing through Yaki-Vegas today, it made me realize that in the midst of all of the "crap", I have many blessings in my life.

I had to laugh, when they called this morning and said they were coming through, on their way to Wenatchee, could I meet them for an early dinner? I haven't seen them in almost 2 years, so it would have taken something pretty major to keep me from spending a couple of hours with them. We laughed, and cried together reminding each other of the stupid things we did in college, and remembering a friend, that has since gone on to meet Jesus. It was a great afternoon. All of a sudden he had to run out to the car and grab something - returning with a birthday present for me. Now granted my birthday was in August, but I wasn't going to turn it down. They had decided, for some odd reason, to get me a camera - they said it was because of all of my travels, and how I don't post any pics on-line, so I must not have a very good one. Well now, I am in trouble, because I'm not very "tech saavy" so I better get learning before my next trip.

The colors are changing beautiful in town here, so maybe I will practice here in the next few weeks.

Despite all the negative that seems to surround my life right now, I have to sit back and smile. satan hasn't won, and he isn't going to because I am to blessed to be stressed. I guess if we really look around, we can find someone who is having a worse time than we are - and need to be thankful for what God has blessed us with.

So to those of you who are stress in my life - GO AWAY, and to those of you who are major blessings - Thank you for being part of my life. Big hugs to you.

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