Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Perseverance against the Waves

This morning, after the morning Holy Week service, I stopped at the beach to watch the cruise ships come in. This is something I can't do in Yakima :-)

As I sat there and watched, I noticed something in the ocean, at first I thought it was a buoy, but it was moving. Soon I realized that it was a swimmer in an orange cap. As I watched the swimmer I was amazed by the __________, not even sure what the right word is, but the ability to just keep swimming. You see, the seas were a little rough this morning, and so for much of the swim, she was fighting the ocean, getting a really good work out. If this would have been me, I think I probably would have stopped.

As I continued to watch, the swimmer left the beach and headed toward her car, which happened to be parked close to where I was. I mentioned the rough seas, and she said, not as bad as yesterday though. It seems that she swims 10 miles each day - 5 miles up, and 5 miles back along the coast, part of her training. I'm not sure what she is training for, but I acknowledged her dedication.

After she left, I was thinking on the morning devotional and several things that the pastor had stressed - and I found the similarities very much the same.

We battle against spiritual things - and some days they are definately going to be harder than others. We just need to set our minds on Christ and remember that this life is more than just a physical event, but it is a spiritual battle.

My prayer for today is Lord, help me to be dedicated to remain on course, even when the waves seem to be pushing me everyway except the way that I want to go.

Walking with the King, until I am sitting at the feet of Jesus.

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cr8ted4Jesus said...

I absolutely love it when you start writing. Can't wait to read what you have written in your journal when you return. It seems like it is in the midst of adversity, that your writing gift is manifest so eloquently. Keep on Keeping On my friend - I've read the back of the book and we win.