Monday, March 29, 2010

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
Oh, what words I hear Him say!
Happy place! so near, so precious!
May it find me there each day;
Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
I would look upon the past;
For His love has been so gracious,
It has won my heart at last.

Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
Where can mortal be more blest?
There I lay my sins and sorrows,
And, when weary, find sweet rest;
Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
There I love to weep and pray;
While I from His fullness gather
Grace and comfort every day.

Bless me, O my Savior, bless me,
As *I sit low at Thy feet; [*I’m waiting]
Oh, look down in love upon me,
Let me see Thy face so sweet;
Give me, Lord, the mind of Jesus,
Make me holy as He is;
May I prove I’ve been with Jesus,
Who is all my righteousness
This song has begun to have a strong impact on me lately. Have we ever stopped and listened to the words of some of the "old hymns" of the church? I grew up in a church where we sang many many hymns and loved them. But as the church has progressed, so has the music, and now many churches are filled with Praise and Worship chorus', and the old hymns are left in the back pew.
I think often of the old patriarchs, that now sit at His feet, listening to Him. What will it be like to sit at Jesus' feet, surrounded with such a cloud of witness', praising Him together?
Happy place! So near so precious! May it find me there every day. This verse tells me that we can sit at His feet, even while here on this earth, but why does it seem so hard to do this? I think it is because all the "issues" that we deal with in this life - keeps our focus off what we need to focus on - HIM. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to be one of those people who are so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good, but we, in the midst of trials and tribulations, should focus on things like this, instead of allowing the enemy that foothold and diverting our attention off the "important" things.
As things "progress", in many realms of reality, I expectantly wait, leaving behind the pains, trials, and troubles of this earthly life, trading it all in, for the opportunity to sit at His Feet, with the likes of Mary and Peter, John Wesley, the Patriarchs of the church, who patiently endured. I look forward to sitting with my grandparents, some of my kids that have gone on before, worshipping together at His feet. I don't care where my seat is, just let me join them in the great choir.
I don't care if we don't sound good, I hear the acoustics of heaven make even the worst singer, sound great. Just let me sit at His feet, I think the first 1,000 years, I probably won't say a word, because I will be in such awe - and that would probably be a good thing in the eyes of many of my friends here on earth now. LOL
Walking with the King here, until I can sit at His feet there.


Funnflexible said...

After reading this, and talking with you on the phone this morning, I can only imagine that you are wishing you were sitting there now, instead of dealing with what you are. I wish I could take your pain away, but know that you are being prayed for - for guidance and peace. Huge hugs

cr8ted4Jesus said...

Hey you, just finished talking to A on the phone - you are in my thoughts and prayers. If I can help, let me know. Wishing I was there to give you big hugs right now.

Theological question? Do you think feet stink in heaven? Something for you to ponder, and hopefully make you smile.