Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's get Technical

My "excuse" in life has always been - I'm just a farm kid. Well this week I did something completely out of character and I kind of like it.

Knowing that I was in need of a cell phone check-up - I headed to US Cellular. I have always had the philosophy - A phone is a PHONE - I don't need a camera, a typewriter, a computer, a secretary - or any of these other "options". Somewhere between my walking in the store and leaving the store, my philosophy changed :-) The young lady who helped me asked me some very pointed questions as to my life style and then presented several options to me. She laughed at me when I said I was just a farm kid but yet I travel with my mp-3, laptop, personal planner, and 2 cell phones. I think her tongue in cheek response was something about a farm kid usually travels with a couple chickens and a cow. We laughed lots during my 2 hours in the store, and I finally walked out with a cell phone, that has a camera, voice recorder, Qwerty keyboard, Internet access, 16 GB music capability with additional mini SD slot, GPS, and who knows what else is there that I haven't discovered yet. Now all of this wonderful technology is in a little box that measures about 2"x 5" and is bright green, and weighs less than a pound.

When I go on my long "vacations" I will probably still travel with my laptop - but I won't need quite as many "adapters" for all the other equiptment. I will definately be traveling lighter. And you know what really amazes me - I got all of this "stuff" and the ability to have access to to all the internet options for the same price as I was already paying for my existing plan.

I guess this Farm kid is stepping out and moving with the times. But for those of you who get a little excited about this prospect, just know it is going to take a lot more effort to get me out of my jeans and tennis shoes ;).

I guess progress is beneficial and so as I move into the "technical world" I will have fun learning what I now hold in my hand. I think somewhere I read that I can actually go to my blog on there, so who knows maybe one day - I will post my blog from my cell phone also. As one of my good friends said "Who would have thunk it". There is hope for me yet. LOL

I guess what I am learning is yes a phone is a phone, but we never have to be scared of moving forward with the times as long as we do it in the right way.

I guess I will keep my mind open to some of these options, as I hold the King hand. Sandy

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