Saturday, July 3, 2010

All things new

I received a phone call from my parents this morning, and I have found it kind of comical. My parents purchased a used motor home a few weeks ago, and with absolutely no background in this area, my dad calls me at least once a day with questions. Now, I can answer some of them, having lived in my RV for the past 9 years, but not all of them. This morning was a different story, because I knew exactly what the problem was. Their refrigerator/freezer had died - the smell of ammonia was extremely strong so now what. For their dilemma it is an easy fix, get a new refrigerator. But it really made me think, why is there no easy fix, when our bodies wear out.

For the last 4 weeks, I have been helping with a hospice assignment. My rule has always been: NO PEDIATRIC ONCOLOGY HOSPICE!!!!!!!! I can't say that loud enough, and have turned down so so many jobs because I knew just how much my heart could take. BUT........ 4 weeks ago, a family called me, one whom I have done hospice for, for 4 separate members - and they insisted on me doing this current hospice job. But there is one small problem - her name is Lindsay and she is 6. She has Leukemia and not doing well at all. As I watch her little body fail I think about how I can handle doing "old people" hospice because they have lived their life, and here Lindsay isn't lived at all yet. But you know, we are promised that one day, we will be given a new body - one where there are no aches and pains, where everything will work exactly as it was designed. On certain days, I long for this day, and wish that the Lord would return just so that the aches and pains would go away. But until that day happens, I will continue to do my best to put a smile on my face and encourage those, who will in all honesty, probably get a new body before I get mine. I will also continue to pray for those around me that are struggling with "parts wearing out". One friend is on the transplant list for a new Kidney - Another one starting the process to get on the transplant list for new lungs and liver - another that will be getting a Bone Marrow transplant soon - God willing.

God keeps reminding me, on this earth, we will have troubles, and so I guess He was trying to warn us that there would be aches and pains, but the day will come when that will be gone, and our mortal bodies will be replaced with ones that will never wear out, never disease, and never fail us. Lord, hasten that day.

So for those of you struggling, with your mortal bodies, don't lose heart - we will get new bodies if we don't lose heart and give up. I guess this goes for anything - Don't lose heart, I've read the back of the book and we win. So until then

I'm walking with the King,

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