Friday, July 16, 2010

Sound canceling headphones - contradiction in terms

I am smiling at my "technology-less" brain. A set of head phones, is just a set of head phones. They are all the same, and they produce the same desired sound - unless of course you go to some of the ones like a BOSE system. I have a BOSE radio/CD player, and it amazes me how good it sounds compared to a large stereo - the quality is unmatched, but headphones are just headphones. I let my nephew use my MP3 player, as I am not ready to allow him to use my I-pod touch - probably a pride issue, he would probably be able to use it better than me. (I was blessed by a 2nd Ipod by my bank, because of some promotion, and I might give it to him for his birthday/Christmas present this year - because he is really into this tech stuff), but I am deviating from my blog. I let him use my MP3 and he got a little bit upset because he couldn't hear the music - because my headphones sucked. ROFL - they work fine for me, but what do I know.

Anyway, I decided to go on a crusade and find a set of headphones that didn't suck - so when they travel, he could use the MP3 again and actually hear the music. Do you know how many types of headphones there are out there? Oh my goodness, I was amazed and the price ranges are so so so varied. Well, being a woman, and not being afraid to ask for directions, I found a young sales clerk in the electronics dept - and started asking questions. Finally I settled on a medium priced set of headphones. I'm used to paying 2.99 for a pair, and here I was paying 24.99, but there were some over $100. I had to smile as I read that these are "sound canceling" headphones, I thought I wanted to hear the sounds? after using them, I understand.

I love to mow my folks lawn. I can get on the riding lawn mower and 1 1/2 hours later, their lawn looks great, and I've listened to several pod casts, and lots of music. Well I mowed mom and dad's lawn last night, and used my new headphones. I didn't have to have it turned up all the way, and I could hear everything - even when the speaker would walk away from the mike a little - WOW. It actually was so good, that had I not known I was sitting on the tractor, I wouldn't have known I was mowing the lawn, as I couldn't hear the mower. I have to admit, I got so excited, I went and bought another pair of these headphones, so that I could keep one for me.

You know, sometimes I wish that there was some device that would cancel out all 'external' sounds when I was praying. It seems lately that the enemy is really working hard for me to not be able to concentrate during my prayer time. This is frustrating for me, as I want to be able to 'be still' and listen, waiting on God to drop something into my spirit, but it seems all I am getting these last couple of days is a laundry list of things to do for the day.

Maybe I'll start using my headphones during devotions - so I can be more attentive to what God is trying to say. Maybe I can find someone who can develop - thought canceling headphones, so my brain is a little clearer during that time. Just a thought - any ideas?

Walking with the King,

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