Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finding the Right Key

I house sit alot, and was contacted by a new family last week. After coming and meeting the family, it was decided that Yes, I would be willing to come and stay with their "kids" while they were gone for a couple of weeks. The interesting thing, is that this could become a "regular" thing, and the dad works in another state and so the mom likes to go and visit regularly - but I am deviating from my subject. When I met with the family, after deciding that I would come and house sit and "kid" sit for them, before I left, I was given a house key. This is not an usual thing, as I have an ashtray in my car, full of people's keys, that I house sit for. And most of the keys, I don't return, I just keep for the next time. There are times that I never see the families that I house sit for, as I go and do my thing, and leave a bill and just get a check in the mail. I find this interesting, but that may be another blog for another day.

I came to the house today and found that the key that I was given, didn't work. Now what was I going to do??? First time house sitting job, and I can't even get into the house. To add insult to injury - the couple was currently in flight to their destination, so I couldn't even call and ask them if they had a hide a key somewhere. In the course of meeting with the family previously, I remembered that she told me who her parents were, and so I nervously called them, explained the situation and asked them if they had a key to the house. Sure enough, they did, and her father quickly brought me the key - and so now I can house sit for the next couple of weeks.

Shortly after getting in the house, my phone rang and I was called out to work again - thus the late hour that I am posting this blog. But I thought about this scenario most of the evening - and it is interesting the things that have gone thru my brain. I could have gone through every key on my key ring, and none of them would have given me entrance into the house.

How many times, do we try to reach God, through every avenue except the guaranteed method? There are many people who think that going to church is going to get them past those pearly gates. If going to church doesn't do it, maybe giving to charity will, or maybe doing good works, Paying it forward, will catch God's eye and gain us entrance into that Eternal city. Some people try to do it through knowledge and education - some work hard and have lots of financial resources, so maybe they can buy their way in. Just like no other key except "THE" key was going to let me into this home, there is only ONE key for us to reach God. Jesus is that Key - He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no one enters to the Father, but through HIM. I am so glad that I learned what the Key was a long time ago, so I don't have to waste my time trying to figure it out. I have to admit, sometimes I look at other things wondering if they would make it easier, but I always come back to Jesus and thank Him for being all I ever need.

Just something to think about.
Walking with the King (or maybe that should be with the Key),

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