Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BC - No Access, AD - Full Access

I was thinking about the "no access" concept again - and in some ways, my blog from a couple days just kept coming to my brain.

I want to take it a step further though.

I am excited, in Bible Study Fellowship, this fall, we will be studying the prophets - so I am working my way through them, so to refresh my memory. I really enjoy BSF - because of the simplicity of the studies, yet the in depth thinking it invokes. We use only the Bible, for the most part, and dissect the scriptures to see what God is saying. It is so much fun.

The one thing I keep thinking about is how in the Old Testament, if you wanted to "get a message" to God, so to speak, you had to go through your priest. I am amazed, that even in the midst of immense sin, that precept stood for many many years. Mere man could not enter into the Holy of Holies. So, because I wasn't born into the Levitical tribe, had I been born back in those times, I NEVER would have been able to talk to God. All of my petitions, and prayers, would have been through a priest, and only if my sacrifice was 'good enough', and the priest was in right standing.

I am so glad that when Christ died on the cross, the veil was torn and we were given access to the Holy of Holies. So many times, at various times, I have turned my face towards Him, and am so relieved to see that He is anxiously awaiting for me to come with the latest of what is going on, because He loves me that much. That is such an awesome concept. My 'sacrifice' doesn't have to be 'good enough' because He accepts me just the way that I am. I can go at any time, I am not limited to a certain time of year, and Thank You Jesus, I am not dependent on the righteousness of someone else, to take my petitions to the Mercy seat. (Now let me clarify - I try to continually keep my face towards Him, but I am human, and am definitely not perfect - but He is and fully aware of my limitations.)

Thank You Lord for just being You - and loving me enough that I can crawl up in Your lap at any times.

Just a few thoughts,
As I walk with the King,

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