Monday, July 12, 2010

How much is to much?

Today has been a real interesting day. For quite a few years, I have had an uncanny 6th sense. I can't explain it other than, it has to be from God. I will awaken in the night, and just feel the urge to pray for someone, or know that I am supposed to send a specific amount of money to someone, etc - and it will be right. In some ways it kind of scares me, because I always want to be open to God's leading, but the things that are "dropped" into my spirit - is really weird. Sometimes I know the outcome, but many times I don't - and that is okay with me, because God knows.

Today was one of those days. I had taken one of my little ladies to her physical therapy appt, and as we were leaving, I just really felt impressed to pray for a friend of mine and her husband. I took a quick moment and said a prayer for them, and made a mental note to call her when I got a chance. Now I admit, I thought my reason to pray for them was a past issue. In March, their son, one of my "kids" Adam, was tragically killed in a car accident. During the day I just prayed for peace and comfort for them - especially for Laurie. I finally had a chance to give her a call around 4:30 and she was upset - she asked if she could call me back, and I said sure. She then proceeded to tell me that her husband had suffered a heart attack that morning. I asked if I could come up and see them and sit with her this evening, and she said yes.

When I got up to the hospital this evening, we were all talking and as we put a time line together, the time I felt impressed to pray was the time that Steve was having his heart attack. Thank God, through modern technology Steve is going to be just fine - and will have to make some lifestyle changes, but should live a good many more years. Laurie started to breakdown, talking about how she can't take any more. I shared with her the scripture that reminds us that God isn't going to give us anymore than we can handle, and it was okay to tell God that we are going under, and enough is enough. She looked at me like I was some crazy person. I explained that there have been times in my life, when I would tell God that He had a lot more confidence in me, than I had in myself and I just couldn't take anymore. She asked - How much is to much? I told her that only her and God could answer that question. After praying with them, and coming on home, that thought keeps going through my mind - How much is to much?

God is all sovereign but how much is to much? He is all knowing, and all powerful, but many times we feel like we are drowning - and yet the waves keep crashing upon us. I can't explain it, but I know this - God is still God and we have to come to the point that we trust Him completely REGARDLESS of outward conditions in our life. So How much it to much? I don't know - but He does and I'm just going to continue to let Him be in charge.

Just a few thoughts,
as I walk with the King,

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