Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beauty for Ashes

I finally got out to Mom and Dad's today - and on the way was able to see the devastation of the Cowiche Mill Fire. I was in shock, as I saw so much blackened earth, covering the hillside, knowing that what I was seeing, was basically just the start, as the fire went over the hill, into the West Valley area, and also up into the canyons where I usually never get to.

The blackened earth, scorched by devastation, but yet in the midst of it, were oasis's. The homes, burnt all around, yet still standing, the orchards singed but yet still bearing fruit.

I kept thinking of the verse that talks about He will give us beauty for ashes. I am sure that those whose homes were saved, are singing His praises, along with those of our fearless firemen - who valiently fought the fires for many hours. I am reminded of the big fire in Yellowstone National Park, back in the late 80's, early 90's and how then several years after that, we had the opportunity to go through. The utter devastation of the fire was now flourishing, growing, it was truly amazing. We found out that there are certain types of pine trees, that they will only release their seeds, in extreme heat - and that kind of heat is only present during a forest fire.

I think sometimes in our lives, there has to be a fire. Something that, if not handled right, could truly devastate us, but if given over to the Master, can be made beautiful. I think of the things that have gone on, and are currently going on in my life. Things that could send me to an early grave, encourage me to turn my back on God, give up, and so many other things, but yet I keep remembering "what satan intended for evil, God can use for good."

So I am not saying this real loud, but go ahead and turn up the heat, because God is in Control, and He is more than capable of turning ashes into something beautiful.

Walking with the King,

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