Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Audience of One

Around the beginning of the year, I really felt impressed in my spirit - and then it was backed up in several ways - that God was looking for an "audience of one" with me. Don't ask me where I got that terminology - but it was dropped in my spirit, and it kind of stuck.

I'm not sure how to define an "audience of one" except with a very 'intimate' description. I truly believe that God wants, with each one of us, an extremely intimate relationship with Him and Him alone. We should be able to stand before Him naked and not be ashamed. We should be totally comfortable with Him, and our deepest thoughts, emotions, needs and desires - knowing that in that intimacy - there is complete security and love. He is NOT there to use and abuse us. He knows our thoughts before we even say them, so why not be honest with Him about what is going on inside of us. Psalms 139: 1-18 are such descriptive verses of how intimately God already knows us, long before we even entered this world. Much like a husband/wife, who make love to each other, after years of getting to know each other - completely open, and not ashamed, God so wants to have such an intimate relationship with us. He was willing to give up His most precious possession, His Son, for each one of us, but yet most of the time, we are unwilling to give up, or be inconvenienced for Him.

This song, helps me keep life and my relationship with Christ in perspective. He has already given me more than I have ever deserved, and I need to be able to enter into the Holy of Holy's with nothing hidden, no hidden motives, or agendas - just me, wanting to spend time with my lover - the lover of my soul. We have degraded intimacy to nothing more than a bargaining chip, with which we get what we want. Where in all reality - intimacy is not about me, but about the other person.

So as I work hard at achieving an "audience of one" with the Great Creator of Heaven and Earth, at least for this time, I bring nothing to give but me - asking nothing in return, but knowing that after my 'encounter' I will never be the same, and as time goes on, those changes in me become so deep and ingrained, that I can start loving unconditionally, those around me - because I have learned to love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally by the lover of my soul.

Just something I am learning about,

As I walk with the King,


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