Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Tears That No One Sees

I heard a Christian singer, today, talk about the tears of the heart that never make it to the eyes, and I could really identify with that statement. So many times we are taught, even expected at times, to put on a good show, so that no one knows how bad we are truly hurting. Tonight my heart was challenged by this news story: "Officials'>">Officials, Friends Mystified by Texas Mayor Jayne Peters' Murder-Suicide

Here is a family, supposedly doing well, has everything all together, who is unable to communicate with anyone, of the pain inside of them. I don't know if they were Christians, but it really doesn't matter at this point (for the purpose of my blog). It isn't their actions that I am worried about, it is mine. Now granted, I did not know this family, and so couldn't have done anything to change the circumstances or outcome for these two, but what about the people that I do know, the situations that maybe I could help change.

This last week, a friend of mine's husband had a heart attack. Now this is the same friend, whose son was killed in an automobile accident in March. My heart is challenging me to stop thinking about what is going on in my own life, and step out and minister to them. Now this isn't a problem, because this is the sort of thing that I absolutely love to do. The thing that is so challenging in this, that is kind of scary, is to reach out to others, who's pain might not be so obvious. Back in my late teens, a song was made popular by Steve Green. It really challenged me then, as it is doing tonight.

My prayer tonight becomes : Lord, help me to see with my ears and hear with my heart - the pain, that causes You pain (the tears that might not reach the eyes) - and help my hands and feet to be Your hands and feet to the hurting.

A heavy thought tonight,

As I walk with the King,


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